A new breed of uniform company that offers branding solutions to organizations through garments. We believe in giving importance to a company’s most valuable asset—its people.

Dressing them up promotes professionalism, cultivates loyalty and sense of belongingness, thus, resulting to high morale,

a basic attribute of a successful organization.

A collection of work clothing in a box, packaged to provide convenience and exclusivity.

Your uniform essentials may include t-shirt, polo shirt, button-down, jacket and pants customized to recreate your workdrobe. 

 Choose which package suits you best. UNISOL understands that the need for uniforms in each level of employment is different.

From staffs to managers, we got you covered!

What’s the minimum order? 25 boxes

Do you have ready made products in stock? No. All our products are produced upon order. 

How to determine our shirt / pants size? We have our own standard sizing scheme  that we adapt all throughout our product line. This will be provided upon request. 

What’s our standard lead time? Our standard lead time is 30-45 days. We impose 20% rush charge for projects with lesser TAT. Thus, we encourage you to book ahead. 

Do you accept COD? We don’t. For regular orders: At least 50% downpayment befor sales cut-off date. Full payment before shipment date. For rush orders: Full payment before sales cut-off date.


Because Work Is Life!

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