The modern worker is busy adapting to the shifts and challenges of the workweek. Being bothered about what to wear at any day at work should be the least of worries.  

CHAMELEON by Unisol recognizes the role of workwear in enhancing work productivity. It is drawn from addressing the demands of workers’ day-to-day experience. 

From Monday to Friday, there is a CHAMELEON uniform to wear. 

Choose a button-down on a Monday, a collared shirt on a Tuesday, or a T-shirt on a Wednesday, go back to button-down on a Thursday, and end the week with a polo-shirt on a Friday.

CHAMELEON by Unisol gives the essential “workdrobe” composed of branded and quality workwear. 

It takes away the fuss of what to wear at work. It is meant to inspire the worker amid the hustle and bustle of the workweek with next generation uniform apparel. 

Truly, it is the workwear that inspires!

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